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Easy to use and reliable video hosting platform for best in-class multi-screen live streaming combined with our superior support in English, Arabic and Italian.

Integrated Publishing Workflow

If you’re in the Media and Entertainment sector and you’re generating value out of your video contents HelixWare is designed to facilitate your work. Combined with the WordPress plugin HelixWare reduces the time-to-market and delivers a unique video experience across multiple devices.

Security and Access Control

Distribute your videos privately with HelixWare. The built-in security module let’s you secure video content and charge your customers for accessing it. HelixWare includes support for Geo and IP blocking enforcing copyright restriction or helping you sharing internal videos that contains sensitive information.

Fast and Reliable Multi-Screen Delivery

HelixWare is designed to serve your audiences across multiple-devices. Thanks to our first-hand experience with network operators around the world, HelixWare offers a state of the art video delivery solution to reach your global audience both quickly and reliably.

Easy to Use and WordPress ready.

Organize videos based on your existing publishing workflow, organization needs, or business idea is easy using HelixWare video management UI.

If you're running a WordPress website HelixWare boosts your content with the power of online video with an easy-to-use plugin.

HelixWare makes video publishing easy

Web, News and Media Publishers

  • Generate revenues with video advertising
  • Engage your readership over social networks
  • Increase traffic and visibility
  • Increase subscription value and time spent
  • Manage publishing workflows including video

Telcos and ISPs

  • Deliver video to highly fragmented video-enabled devices
  • Increase VAS offering with IPTV and Digital Video services
  • Monetise your network infrastructure
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Reduce cost of maintenance of your video infrastructure


  • Drive cost savings using videos for events, training and corporate communication
  • Increase efficiency in managing distributed workforce
  • Market your product and services using video
  • Privately share sensitive videos in your organisation


  • Build your engaging video application using HelixWare API
  • Fast prototyping your idea 
  • Quick and scalable delivery
  • Create your own user-generated content application
  • Use the HelixWare Android library for video recording
  • Programmatically upload videos to your HelixWare account.


HelixWare is professional video hosting platform with everything you need for marketing your contents, reduce costs and engage your audience.

Seamless VOD Encoding

After uploading a video to HelixWare, our platform automatically encodes and delivers Flash and HTML5 versions at multiple bit-rate and multiple resolutions. This means getting the best video quality across multiple devices and greatly reducing operations costs.

Multi-screen Live Streaming

Using HelixWare you can create live webcasts on-the-fly. Simply configure the new event from the web management UI of HelixWare, set-up your encoder and start broadcasting. Live events are a great way to keep your audience engaged!

Video Analytics

HelixWare comprehensive built-in analytics and reports helps you drive your business growth with videos. Select and promote your best content and discover audience behaviours with helpful insights.

HelixWare also nicely integrates with your Google Analytics account to help you track video plays, video completes and other user events.

Near Live video channels

HelixWare helps you create video playlists that run server-side to craft a unique Near Live video experience. Using this channels you can run your own television with VOD contents and engaging your viewers for longer periods.

Player Customisation

Create your own video player consistent viewing experience across multiple screens. HelixWare player can be customised with your own logo and has great support for dynamic resizing seamlessly adapting to responsive layouts.

Developer APIs

HelixWare APIs gives you the ability to programmatically control, upload and manage videos on your HelixWare account. Easily implement any custom and advanced functionality to stream content, protect videos or charge your viewers. The Developers APIs are well documented and our support team is happy to facilitate your integration project.


$9.99 pm


  • 1 GB Storage Disk Space
  • Up to 20 Gb Monthly Transfer
  • Video SEO
  • Channel Management
  • Basic support


$34.99 pm


  • 5 GB Storage Disk Space
  • Up to 100 Gb Monthly Transfer
  • Video SEO
  • Channel Management
  • Live


N.A. pm


  • Unlimited Storage Disk Space
  • Unlimited Monthly Transfer
  • Video SEO
  • Channel Management
  • Live


Some of the companies that use HelixWare

Powerful and scalable video hosting for delivering content to every device and platform.

  • TotalErg S.p.A.
  • Enel S.p.A.
  • A1 Telekom Austria
  • FastTelco
  • Ministry of information Kuwait

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