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Broadcasters and Online Media Publishers

  • Generate revenues with video advertising
  • Track & analyze the performance of your videos
  • Increase traffic and visibility
  • Increase subscription value and time spent
  • Manage publishing workflows including video

Telcos and ISPs

  • Deliver video to highly fragmented video-enabled devices
  • Increase VAS offering with IPTV and Digital Video services
  • Monetise your network infrastructure
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Reduce cost of maintenance of your video infrastructure

Enterprises and Brands

  • Drive cost savings using videos for corporate events & training
  • Enrich, facilitate & reduce costs for corporate communication using video
  • Privately share sensitive videos in your organization
  • Boost the branding for your products and services using video marketing
  • Enrich your user experience by understanding the Video Analytics 

Developers and Startups

  • Build your engaging video application using HelixWare API
  • Fast prototyping your idea and gaining quick & scalable delivery
  • Create your own user-generated content application
  • Use the HelixWare Android library for video recording
  • Programmatically upload videos to your HelixWare account.



HelixWare is professional video hosting platform with everything you need for marketing your contents, reducing costs and engaging your audience.

Seamless VOD Encoding

After uploading a video to HelixWare, our platform automatically encodes and delivers Flash and HTML5 versions at multiple bit-rate and multiple resolutions. This means getting the best video quality across multiple devices and greatly reducing operations costs.

Near Live video channels

You can create video playlists that run server-side to craft a unique Near Live video experience. Using these channels you can run your own online television channels out of  VOD contents and this engage your viewers for longer periods.

Multi-screen Live Streaming

You can create live webcasts on-the-fly. Simply configure the new event from the web management UI of HelixWare, set-up your encoder and start broadcasting. Live events are always a great way to keep your audience engaged!

Player Customisation

Create your own video player consistent viewing experience across multiple screens. HelixWare player can be customised with your own logo and different controls. It has great support for dynamic resizing seamlessly adapting to responsive layouts.

Video Analytics

The comprehensive  real-time analytics dashboard helps you drive your business growth with videos. Select and promote your best content and discover audience behaviours with helpful insights. It also nicely integrates with your Google Analytics account to help you track video performance.

Developer APIs

The API set gives you the ability to programmatically control, upload and manage videos on your account. Easily implement any custom  functionality to stream content, protect videos, or charge your viewers. Moreover, our support team is happy to facilitate your integration project!

How to

HelixWare – Video Upload

Video Upload
HelixWare – Live Streaming

Live Streaming
Integrate with WordPress Plugin

Integrate with WordPress
Video analytics

Video analytics



Why would I pay for video hosting, when I can get it for nothing?

A free Basic membership on HelixWare is already available, but if you want priority support, more storage and more bandwidth, HelixWare Basic, PRO and Business are for you. And unlike YouTube, we never put ads before, on top of, or after your videos, its your video under your control.

Will viewers see third-party ads on my videos?

Absolutely not. Your work will never be tarnished by in-video ads. That’s right! So, no pre-roll, post-roll, or overlays. On HelixWare, you can present your work in exactly the way you want.

Is HelixWare Free just a free trial?

You can use HelixWare Free for one month free of charge and use all the encapsulated features , HelixWare free is perfect for individuals who want to join us, but need to have a try out all the features and the capabilities first.

Can I cancel anytime?

You have up to 30 days to get a full refund. If you no longer need the added benefits of basic, Pro or Business, you can downgrade back to free.

What happens if I go over my storage limit?

Should you hit your storage limit, you can upgrade to HelixWare Basic, HelixWare Pro or HelixWare business. Members of these plans get tons more storage than free plan members.

Do you have duration or file size restrictions?

Absolutely not! Unlike other video-hosting platforms, there are no file-size or duration limits up to your total storage limit.

What is the Enterprise package and why its price is not available?

The Enterprise package is a very tailor made package to meet specific enterprise requirements that is beyond the standard, bandwidth, storage and also out-of-box features. Thats why we are more than happy to craft a specific solution for you and provide the corresponding quotation.

How can I add the videos to my website?

HelixWare is an easy to use platform, after uploading your videos you can get the corresponding embed code for each, add it to your page and you have a nice and sharp player! If you are a blogger and using wordpress, then wordpress plugin allows you to upload

I am a blogger using WordPress, how can I add the videos blog?

We have good news for you! With HelixWare plugin for wordpress, you can directly upload your videos to the WordPress media library, create a post with the video & player already embedded and publish it with few clicks! You just focus on your content, we take care of the rest!

Is HelixWare providing any support for developers?

HelixWare is a platform that comes with a rich set of APIs for all the features it provides. So if you are a developer, you can easily build your own app based on HelixWare, or integrate it with your own workflow, or build your own business model, and much more!

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