WordPress Media Library Integration

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Hello and welcome to another video of the HelixWare series.

This is my WordPress web site, it’s the last version of WordPress 4.3.1 and I just installed my HelixWare plugin.

After installing my HelixWare plugin, I configure the API keys that I received and I connect my WordPress with HelixWare, in fact I have this nice message here that’s saying that I have more than 700 mbytes of available out of 1 gigabyte, that I have on HelixWare Cloud.

Now what I can do when the HelixWare plugin for WordPress is connected with HelixWare, I can manage my clips from the Media Library and I already have a bunch of video clips that I have ingested to HelixWare.

Now I will click “Add New” and I will add another video directly from here, this is now uploading to HelixWare, that means that it will be published using different protocols (HLS, rtmp), it is going to be compatible with all the devices on the market.

I can create a post directly from here, but I want to show this new feature: the integration with the Media Library. So I click here and this is the new video that I just ingested, “Wild Animals”. That means that now I can create a new post from here and I will call it “Wild Animals”, “Wild Animals are Wild!”.

Then by clicking the “Add Media” button I can actually select the clip directly from here and the shortcode to play the clip will be automatically inserted into my post.

So I can publish it and I can view it.

The player is loaded, the video is playing, I have three bitrates with automatic bitrate adaptation, it’s compatible with HLS streaming for iOS and Android devices, with Flash streaming, and also with RTSP and MPEG-DASH.

See you!