RiseUp 2015: In Video We Trust


It was back in September 2006 when I first received this email from Mobinil’s procurement department.

“Dear all, Congratulations the PO has been signed and in it’s way to you, thanks for all whom participated in this project”

We were about to start the amazing journey that brought us here today in the World of MENA Entrepreneurship and Hi-Tech startups greatly represented by the overwhelming crowd of #RiseUp15.

Let’s get back to our entrepreneurship story. Mobinil’s project was as ambitious one; roughly half a million US dollars to bring mobile television to millions of Egyptian mobile subscribers in a context where 3G networks were still few years to come and…Steve Jobs didn’t had yet disrupted the TLC market with the introduction of the first smartphone on Earth (this happen only few months after on June 29, 2007 when the 1st generation of the iPhone was released).

Regardless of the challenges, several weeks after receiving that email, we had successfully created the first mobile video platform for the Egyptian people broadcasting live tv and radio channels using our internally developed video streaming technology. The setup was rock-solid and came from our long lasting experience with large ISPs and Telcos in Europe. Since then our business kept growing in various directions (way too many at that time) and at last in 2009 we’ve made the decision of investing in Egypt for creating an amazing local team and bootstrapped in Nasr City our new branch office. After so many years we’re still here, in this vibrant scene and we’re excited to bring innovative video solutions to Egypt by making it available to SMEs, startups, marketers and content owners.

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Our new solution is called HelixWare and is the first Online Video Platform designed for the MENA region to help businesses grow using video for marketing, online training and more.

In a world where video is booming and represents 75% of all broadband traffic we’re doing our very best to shine in the business of video hosting industry (while YouTube – the behemoth giant of this market – keeps the focus on the much larger TV advertising industry). We’ve come a long way to offer an easy plug-n-play video hosting solution that anyone can use for delivering his/her contents to a large audience on all different devices (laptops, smartTVs, tablets and phones).

How is HelixWare different?

Yes, video hosting has been around for a while now and there are plenty of US based multi-million dollar companies like BrightCove, Ooyala and Vimeo just to name it a few doing a great job in hosting videos…so what’s in there for our partners and clients and why shall you ultimately choose us in this over crowded market? The “whys” are important and can be summarized as follow:

  • our technology is state-of-the-art and comes from many years in the making and plenty of large installations around Europe and in the MENA region (handling millions of viewers)
  • our team sits in Nasr City and you’re welcome to come anytime to our office, have a coffe and discuss your next video project with us. We’ve put together an amazing gang of people with clear business vision and top notch marketing skills to help you around the clock with your project
  • we’ve all the modules you need to run a business on videos – this basically means you can secure your videos and than sell them on your site, add a geo-blocking filter to protect the specific world region from viewing it and a comprehensive set of video analytics to see how the videos are performing
  • the platform helps you directly monetize your contents with advertising support
  • the integration with the your web publishing workflow can be extremely effective thanks to the comprehensive HelixWare REST APIs and to our easy-to-use WordPress plugin
  • we’ve build already an application that you can use on your Facebook page to your videos over the World’s famous social network
  • our pricing is tailored for the local market – we want to make it happen and we want to work with you
  • the research and development continues and we’ve an exciting roadmap and great features to come in the next few months thanks to projects like MICO (an EU co-funded RTD project on cross-media analysis)

Meet us at RiseUp


We’re very happy to meet you all today at our Booth #36 and tomorrow, Monday December 14th we’re organising a Video Meetup at the Greek Campus (Blue Room – here is the link on Meetup to reserve your seat) to discuss your next video project.

Thanks again to the vibrant crowd of RiseUp 2015 for making this happen!