IBC 2016 Summary!

Ahmed Elmeligy WordPress September 27, 2016

IBC summary

This year was really different for our team visiting IBC conference and exhibition for several interesting reasons! Here we try to summarize the trends that we saw there as well as our new identity and approach of participation.


What happened @ IBC?

Year after year participating in the exhibition we come to a solid vision about which trend was just a hype and which is really revolutionary for the industry. This year for example we saw a decline in 2nd screen apps that we reviewed few years ago.

OTT & TV Everywhere

Now this has been always and will still be on the rise. The clear trend we saw this year is that everything is for sure going over the cloud, as SAAS. This is the era of managed services, even for video. If you are a broadcaster, content creator, entrepreneur, media professional, etc you don’t need to bother yourself with technical details about an infrastructure to ingest, encode/transcode, manage and deliver your digital media assets in terms of video and audio, you just find the right SAAS provider and you take care of your business.

Another trend is convergence between the different technical layers of the business to provide a turn key solution over the cloud. For example, Wowza, the company behind the streaming engine that powers over 25% of worldwide live streaming is now also availing its engine as a cloud service and moreover launching new products like their own player and mobile encoding SDK.

In another opposite example we saw JW Player, the company developing the worlds most popular player and raised $20M beginning of this year to expand their video platform now besides the player they offer full fledged video solutions including hosting, advertising, branding, recommendations & analytics!

Moreover also, since last year with the entrance of big names like Facebook launching facebook live, twitter trying to push further its Periscope app, etc the business of live streaming is a big cake the everybody is trying hardly to get their own piece of it.


Virtual Reality

This is the boom of 2016! Because it is the application of cutting edge technologies to revolutionize the user experience about how we see and interact with things around us. By putting on an oculus you enter a totally new world around you that you can watch and interact with.

We visited Sony‘s booth and I have to admit that we strongly enjoyed the new upcoming Playstation VR headset launching October (along with furious competition as well!) . The demo they presented shows you a football match where you are watching and also can move around, you can activate and watch a layer of match analysis and also see tweets related to the match flying around you!



Content Analysis and analytics 

If content is still king, then understanding user behavior about it is KingKong! This year was different for our team from both companies Insideout Today (Cairo) and Insideout10 (Rome) since we were at the Fraunhofer institute booth to showcase some of the results of the Media in Context (Mico) project we jointly worked on in the last 3 years along with 5 other partners. A typical use case can be searching video segments within a database where a specific speaker talks about a specific topic (keyword). FR

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