Live Streaming, What You Need to Know

Ahmed Elmeligy Streaming June 22, 2017

Live Streaming Made simple

Users stream videos from their phones, tablets, and computers. Video content is rapidly growing

from businesses and end users alike. And live streaming allows you to attract visitors by

providing new, exclusive content.

Offering video on a site is a great way to increase traffic, if the videos stream well on different

devices. For live streaming the pressure to get it right, right now is intensified. The conundrum

for many businesses is how to present adaptable, high quality, live streaming video cost effectively.


First, you need to create compelling content. Package your message effectively, with a solid

production environment, clear sound, and good lighting. With live video, rehearsal will help

create a professional end product and a test run for your production plan.

Next, be prepared for the unexpected. Like a stage play, you cannot predict what will go wrong.

Be ready with spare equipment, speaker notes, and a liaison if you’re filming in public.

Third, be aware of your pacing. You want to keep your audience with you, not have them closing

the window halfway through.

Fourth, you need quality editing. While many products are now available to edit video in house,

the tool is not all you need. Prepare editing teams with training in editing techniques, theory

and video production. Remember, you are selling you and your goal is happy, loyal customers.

Fifth, prepare your content for different devices. Live streaming requires that you provide

various streaming profiles to deliver adaptive streaming. Creating adaptive video packages in a

variety of file sizes, resolutions and qualities ensures a good user experience for everyone, no

matter what device is used. Providing adaptive bitrate streaming requires the right tools and

technical understanding. If resources are limited, companies such as Cloudinary provide ready-

made profiles to create all necessary files to stream your content in a variety of speeds and


And sixth, ensure you have a solid hosting platform. Whether on premise or in the cloud, you

need a reliable, flexible platform to ensure your content is available 24/7 to your users and

visitors. In addition to uptime and redundancy, versions in all supported formats need to be

available. Here we offer Helixware, a multi-format, multi-device streaming

platform to simplify sharing your content.


Creating engaging streaming video is hard enough. Adding the technical burden of preparing

your videos and hosting them can be too much for many businesses. Cloudinary allows you to

provide adaptive streaming without hiring a production department. HelixWare provides a

platform for live streaming that ensures your content is always available.